Watch Dogs Supports Fast Travel, Has L-Train and Guide For Your Traveling Needs

Ubisoft might have kept us at bay when it comes to disclosing information regarding Watch Dogs gameplay, but there are folks who wouldn’t rest until they have something. A fan has posted a translation of the Tokyo Game Show demo for the game that unveils new information.

Based on a post made by a Watch Dogs Forum user, the demo showed what the player will see when he looks at the map. You can add or remove midway points using menu options that also show data flow, let you zoom in and out as well as navigate through the map.

Moving on, two options of travel were discussed. There is an L Train as well as a Guide. When you go to the Guide, it tells you how you can use the L Train from the station for easy access in the city while you enjoy the view.

The second and more important mode of travel is through the fast travel stations on the train platforms or on the train. You can use them to zap over to your destination in the blink of an eye – they can apparently be used while in a mission as well.

Places that you can drop off at include a café and bar. Taking a drink from there will temporarily enhance your focus. Otherwise, you can buy focus boosting items from the shop.

The Watch Dogs gameplay demo then went to explain the ctOS (Central Operating System) that gives you access to information. Here, if you enter through the backdoor, it will allow you to access hidden information such as collectible items and hidden locations.

Does the new information excite you?