Good News! Pre-Order Isn’t Mandatory for Titanfall Beta Participation

Most of the games nowadays require the players to pre-order the game to participate in the beta test, but Titanfall developers are not going to opt for this trend.

While discussing the game with the fans via Twitter, developer of the game Vince Zampella confirmed that players who have not pre-ordered the game will still have the opportunity to participate in the titanfall beta.

As everybody knows that Vince Zampella doesn’t hold back too much on his Twitter, he started teasing an announcement a week ago on his twitter account by saying; new information regarding the Xbox 360 and PC beta incoming.

The best news is that this new Titanfall beta will not have any No Disclosure clause which was the case with the Alpha of the game, so you can expect recorded videos coming online after the beta or even the live streaming from the players during beta tests.

However, there is still no official word on who will be actually be eligible to participate in the beta version, but good news is that it’s just around the corner, and you can expect an official announcement pretty soon.

Those players who may not get a chance to participate in the Titanfall beta, still don’t be waiting too long to get their hands on the game as it is scheduled to hit the shelves on March 11 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.