Thief Has Gone Gold – New 6 Minute Gameplay Trailer

Today, publisher Square Enix has announced that Thief reboot has gone gold, meaning that production has finished and the game is ready for launch. It will release for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on February 24, 2014.

Along with the announcement, the company released a long trailer, detailing what you’ll be preoccupied with in the game. As Garrett, you’ll take on the City, overtaken by a brutal official that wants your blood.

In classic video game tropes, you’ll start your mission with amnesia and a damsel in distress awaiting your heroic appearance. It is a nod towards the game classics after all.

As a stealth game, you’ll mostly deal with staying out of sight in a variety of ways. This will follow the action in first person and include tons of peaking behind walls and walking on overhead ledges to observe the scene.

With a trusted bow and a selection of arrows, you’ll be able to perform a variety of skills, like Lara Croft in her reboot. Depending on the arrow used, you can choose between releasing gases, dousing flames or creating huge explosions.

Still, the game stresses that you can take on its entire world without ever taking one life or even getting detected. As this game was made by those behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, there’s probably some truth in that statement.

For non-lethal approaches, you can take out a blackjack stick and pummel opponents from behind.

Naturally, this wouldn’t be a thief game without tons of loot to swipe. With your winnings, you’ll be able to purchase new equipment or upgrade other things.

Some additional skills will also help you during your progress. For instance, the clip shows a slow motion mechanism to time assaults and a way to help with unlocking items.

Garrett will store the most valuable of goods in his hideout. There is also a slight hint at wall-crawling humanoids, affected by a plague.

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