Microsoft Quotes Random Tweet to Promote Xbox One

Marketing agencies using Twitter quotes to sell a product is alright in my books, as long as the one quoted has some reliable basis to back his statements. Microsoft though thought it a good move to quote random Twitter accounts with zero credibility to promote their new Xbox One console.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox One ad has been running frequently throughout the past couple of weeks and highlights quotes from Fortune, The New York Daily News and Entertainment Weekly – all of whom are major publications who, in the ad, quote Xbox One as being a renowned piece of ingenuity. However, at the end of the ad comes one last quote – “but one fan said it best…” and that was: “The Xbox One is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to mankind”.

A bit too much zeal for my taste and I will not dwell into the topic of whether sliced bread was a better happening for mankind. The tweet was made on November 22 at 1:21 PM, just 12 hours after the console was released.

Clearly it’s impossible for anyone to go through the insides of a new hardware piece like a console in that time and that too by some random consumer who is currently a student.

Why Microsoft did not opt for a statement from perhaps the countless other video games journalists out there is beyond me. Might be that his saying the Xbox One is the best thing to hit mankind yet got the better of the company’s marketing agents.