Loadout Weapons, Equipment and Loadouts Guide

A large arsenal of unique equipment and millions of custom-make weapons is what defines Note that, these are just sample weapon loadout(s) and I can’t promise that these will do wonders.

Try them out and let us know what you think of them. Furthermore, don’t forget to share your own best loadout(s) with us in the comments below!.

A new player may get befuddled with so many pieces of equipment at hand and might end up opting for one, which is not effective in a particular scenario.

To counter this, I will be covering various aspects of each piece of equipment in the game along with their advantages and disadvantages.

For more help on Loadout, read our Beginner’s Guide, Faux Health Pickups and Extraction Mode Guide.

Slug Grenade
Unlock Level: 0

Slug Grenade is unlocked by default and performs just like a frag grenade from most multiplayer shooters.

Slug Grenades can be cooked in hand and thrown at enemies, which cause a large explosion. You can’t always expect to get a kill from these, but it definitely hurts enemies and even kills the non-shielded ones.

These grenades do 100-damage and the best way to avoid them is to use dodge roll. Don’t consider about jumping to avoid the blast as it won’t do any good.

Unlock Level: 2

If you wish to support your team, nothing is better than giving them a little health boost. When thrown, Health Grenades slowly start to heal your allies. And if they are already full on health, they will get over-healed, which negates the effects of Slug Grenades.

Other than this, these can also be used on your own character by using a Launcher which bounds off the land. However, the health regeneration by this method is slightly less.

Furthermore, if one of these accidentally falls on your enemies, they won’t get benefit of extra health. The only disadvantage of these grenades is that you need to stay in the blast radius to get healed.

Jump Boots
Unlock Level: 4

These pieces of equipment let you jump ‘2x’ than that of your regular jump. This not only allows you to avoid shots from Sniper Rifles but also avoid the blast radius of a grenade.

It does have a cool down time though which is around 3 seconds; so it is quite useful.

Faux Health Pickup
Unlock Level: 7

These have a similar amount of damage to that of a Slug Grenade. You will have about 2 of these at the start of the match and anyone from enemy team trying to pick them up will die instantly.

The reason they are called Faux Health Pickup is that these grenades are packed in a Health Kit which is lucrative for enemy team.

Unlock Level: 9

The turret is just like a Sentry Gun from Call of Duty franchise, but it can’t be moved to other places. Another notable difference from other Sentry Guns is that, this imitates your equipped weapon.

For example, if you are holding a Sniper Rifle, your Turret will have increased range and damage but a slower rate of fire. And if you are holding a Gatling gun, it will fire at a much faster rate.

Equipment Pickup
Unlock Level: 12

This allows you to get your teammates pickup random pieces of equipment. It works pretty much like the Health Pickups but the rewards are different.

Unlock Level: 11

Tesla is almost identical to Slug Grenade with a few changes that include larger blast radius, less explosive damage, and it can’t take out enemies. However, it can blast through enemy shields.

Unlock Level: 14

Personally, I find shield to be the most annoying equipment of all. Why? Because it grants you with 33 Health Bonus which when combined with health-pickups and your total health, makes it to a whopping 185 HP; which is insane.

On the plus side, it also has a cooldown timer which is around 10 seconds. Your best bet against a shielded opponent lies in a Tesla Grenade which can completely negate its effects.

Faux Weapon Pickup
Unlock Level: 16

This basically works like a Faux Health Pickup but looks like weapon equipment. Any enemy trying to steal it will get instant death.

Spawn Point
Unlock Level: 20

Since I’m a veteran Call of Duty player, I’m mostly quoting the examples from COD. Spawn Point works exactly like a Tactical Insertion.

In case, you don’t know how it works, you simply kick-start a Spawn Point at any location of your choice and when you die, you will not spawn at any random location but where your Spawn Point will be.

However, enemy teammates will be able to destroy it.

Fire Grenade
Unlock Level: 23

This grenade sets the enemies on fire which deals damage over the course of time. The base damage of this equipment is 50, which can go up to 100.

The fire can be transferred to other players as well, but it can also be avoided by rolling.

Unlock Level: 26

With Disguise, you can’t choose what you wish to become receiving any kind of damage on the hands of enemies will break it.

Other than this, it has a cooldown time and stay activated for a specific duration of time. I don’t know much about it since I have not reached this level yet.

Unlock Level: 28

Juiced is another variant of Health Pickup but instead, it doesn’t provide your teammates with health but buffs their other attributes.

The attributes which are increased include Speed, Melee Strength, Damage, and Reload Speed.

Weapon Types

This weapon is deadly at close range and can blast through even shielded enemies. These guns have a wide pellet spread which can even take out close enemies.

Assault Rifles
Assault Rifles are packed with decent damage and a good range. These are the most used weapons in the game and you should consider giving them a try.

Sniper Rifles
We have been reading about these weapons since we got into gaming scene. I mean, who doesn’t know about a Sniper Rifle? Anyway, these guns have an insane range and great damage but lack mobility and are not THAT effective up close.

It’s always good to have a sidearm in case you bump into some enemies at close range.

Like I have previously mentioned, there is nothing better than being a medic. Who does not like a medic roaming around? During intense/competitive matches, you must have at least one of your teammates running around with this weapon.

For more information on weapon types and their uses, check out our Loadout Beginner’s Guide.

Weapon Loadouts
These weapon sample loadout(s) are provided by Zigg4d and have proven to be really useful under most of the circumstances:

Clicky Ricky

  • Chassis: Rifle
  • Barrel: Gatling
  • Stock: Standard
  • Trigger: Semi-auto
  • Sights: Recon
  • Payload: Slug
  • Magazine: Shell Loading

This loadout has a very decent damage with good accuracy and range. Gatling provides a high rate-of-fire and it can be used in almost every game mode.

Chaos Causer

  • Chassis: Pulse
  • Barrel: Gatling
  • Stock: Shock Absorbing
  • Trigger: Spooling
  • Sights: UV Laser
  • Payload: Tesla
  • Attribute: Rebounding
  • Magazine: High Cap

This is a devastating tool packed with Pulse and Tesla. As for the rate of fire, it can be increased considerably by Spooling.

Delayed Medicine

  • Chassis: Rocket
  • Barrel: Any
  • Stock: Any
  • Trigger: Semi-auto
  • Sights: UV Laser
  • Payload: Tesla
  • Attribute #1: Agile
  • Attribute #2: Sticky
  • Attribute #3: Timer
  • Attribute #4: Radial

Note that, these are just sample weapon loadout(s) and I can’t promise that these will do wonders.

Try them out and let us know what you think of them. Also, don’t forget to share your own best loadout(s) with us in the comments below!