Loadout Faux Health Pickups Guide – How to Avoid

Faux Health Pickups and Ammo Pickups can be the most frustrating and most fun to use – depending on the situation.

These things work like False Care Package from Call of Duty franchise, which detonates if an enemy tries to steal them. However, there are some differences. For example, two Faux Health Pickups can’t be placed right next to each other.

There is a specific distance that must be maintained.

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Best Trap Locations
Now, most people don’t fall prey to Faux Pickups, unless they are new to the game or lack knowledge about spawns of real Health Pickups.

All you need to do is to make a fool out of other people. This can easily be done by placing the Faux Health Pickup near the real Health Pickup; once it has been consumed.

Since real and Faux Health Pickups can be stacked on top of each other, this can also be possibility. As a rule of thumb, placing them in a high-traffic area will eventually get you some kills.

Another way to trap your enemies is when you’re close to dying. If an enemy sees you, you should drop a Faux Health Pickup, and your enemy might think that you’re trying to heal yourself and take that kit for themselves, which will get you instant kill.

Finally, you can also find a good dark spot or locations where the enemies won’t expect it and catch them off-guard.

How To Avoid Traps
Basically, you need to avoid all the things I have mentioned above. Know where the spawning points for real Health Pickups are. It never hurts to check a kit before grabbing it, keep your distance and shoot the kit before getting it.

Always check your corners and rooms! Don’t rush to a kit dropped by a dying enemy. And finally, the best way to check a Faux Kit is that they appear as red dots on your mini-map.