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Loadout Extraction Mode Tips and Strategy

Almost all the game modes of Loadout are inspired by other multiplayer shooters except for Extraction. Extraction is a unique game mode in Loadout in which two collectors are picked up randomly from both the teams.

The job of these collectors is to stay alive and gather an explosive material called Blutonium. After that, they must take the collected Blutonium to fixed points in the map.

The team with the most amount of Blutonium in the end wins the game. However, in case a collector dies, a new one is chosen immediately after that. The Blutonium bins can also be shot to kill everyone in the blast radius.

Furthermore, collectors can also use Blutonium as a weapon when they are in some sort of danger. Doing this will, however, cause your team some points.

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Role of the Team
The exact mechanism of how a collector is chosen is not known, but if you’re not a collector, you can contribute by trying and killing the enemy collector.

The maps in Loadout are multilayered, and height gives you a huge advantage. Try to stand at a good vantage point and cover your collector while taking out enemy forces.

Note that a collector has a special icon over his head, which is also displayed on the mini-map.

Lastly, since the primary objective of a collector is to gather Blutonium, you can make this job a bit difficult by setting the Blutonium bins on fire. Doing this will not only make the Blutonium useless but also kill everyone caught in the blast radius.

Role of the Collector
Well, the role of the collector is pretty simple. All they need to do is to collect Blutonium and get them to the bin. However, there is a little catch; you’re the most wanted on your enemy’s hit list.

In order to do your job effectively, it is advised that you stay closed to your team. Since as a collector, you will be on the radar most of the time, you will need some enemy teammates to back you up.

Although Blutonium is the key to winning the game, you will often find yourself in situations where using it as a weapon becomes a necessity. And if you could find a group of enemies, it’s the second best thing.

The mini-map on your screen displays the Blutonium reservoirs as blue dots, and once you grab them; you will also see the nearest bins to deposit.

And like I have afore mentioned, the Blutonium reservoirs can be destroyed by shooting at them, which can serve multiple purposes.

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