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Loadout Beginner’s Guide – Game Modes, Movement, and Weapons

Loadout is finally up for grab and its hell a lot of fun! This cartoon-ish styled multiplayer shooter is immensely popular on Steam these days.

Loadout lets you create totally customizable weapons and literally, millions of them.

In case you’re new to the game and hoping to kick some arse, the following guide will familiarize you to the basic techniques like movement, various game modes, and other baseline stuff.

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Loadout is different from other multiplayer shooters in the sense that this game has some really straight maps with clear lines of sight. Due to this, jump shots are very frequently used and have proven to be really useful.

Jump shots can be done in a number of ways, and some of these ways are proven to be more efficient than the others. For example, if you jump off a ramp, you will float higher in the air.

Since Loadout is a really fast-paced game, you will often find players rolling and dodging their way out of traps and bullets. However, since you can’t shoot while rolling, it should be used carefully.

Jumping right after rolling improves the jump altitude.

Mini-map is located at the top-left corner of the screen and just like any other game out there, displays enemies and allies location. Good players always know on-going activities on their mini-map and plan their strategies accordingly.

Payloads are different kinds of projectiles that come out of your gun. Currently, there are five types of Payloads featured in the game. Each Payload has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Slug is the regular bullet. It does not come with a special effect and does the most damage out of all Payloads.

Tesla does a good amount of damage even if it does not connect directly. It has a slightly less damage than a Slug but if enemies are equipped with a shield, the dealt damage is increased.

Pyro sets enemies on fire, which can also spread to other enemies as well. The ignited fire will keep on damaging enemies unless it is completely extinguished.

On the down side, it has a low damage output and can be extinguished by rolling.

Health can be used to heal ally teammates. Although it does not affect the enemy team (damage or heal), it can be used to heal you by a launcher or something.

The effect of healing is less when used on your own character.

Juice allows you or your teammates to have increased movement speed and higher jumps. Like Health, it can be used either on you or on your teammates. As for enemies, there will be no effects on them.


Co-op Practice Mode
Loadout offers a practice mode to play against some intelligent bots. Intelligent because they adapt to your playstyle, if you are doing well, they will also perform well.

The Practice Mode is restricted to four players only, and the game mode is Death Snatch. It is generally a good idea to play a couple of games in Practice Mode and know how things are done.

Noobs Only
Now this is an offensive word, and I don’t really believe if you’re new to a game, you will perform badly for sure.

Anyway, the general idea of introducing this playlist is that people between levels 1 to 5 will be matched against each other. There are two game modes, which are featured in Noobs Only playlist and those are Death Snatch and Blitz.

The Core
The Core is the normal playlist for all players. This is the true battlefield where players must come up with their best loadout and work their way up. This playlist features every game mode and every map and have no restrictions what-so-ever!

This is the last playlist that is featured in the game and only accepts players above level 15. Other than the fierce competition, every other thing is pretty similar to core playlist.

Game Modes

Death Snatch
Death Snatch is a popular game mode which is equivalent to Kill Confirmed from other multiplayer shooters.

Enemy teammates drop a vial after dying, which must be picked by you, which will get your team +1 point. In addition to this, picking up your ally teammates’ vials will stop enemies from gaining this +1 point.

Blitz has also been featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts and works almost in the same manner. There will be two points at the map; one belonging to enemy team and another belonging to you.

The objective is to run to enemy flag and capture it without dying. In addition to this, you also need to stop enemies from running into your flag.

At the beginning of the match, a collector is picked up randomly from both teams. The job of collectors is to gather Blutonium shards scattered across the map and throwing them at random spots in the map.

This explosive can also be used to take out enemy collector/players.

Jackhammer is another variant of CTF (Capture the Flag) from popular shooters. However, in Loadout, there is no flag but a large hammer which can be grabbed and used to kill enemies.

Grabbing enemy hammer will get you 500 points and killing an enemy from it will net you 100 points.

As of now, there are two types of maps featured in the game:

  • Alpha Maps
  • Normal Maps

Alpha Maps
Alpha Maps are currently being developed by the developers and are available to play. There will be ‘Alpha Map’ written at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

There might be some bugs and missing textures on these maps since they are in alpha stage. Drill Cavern is the only Alpha Map right now.

Normal Maps
These maps have been completed by the developers and are available to play. There are a total of four maps featured in the game:

  • Fissure
  • Four Points
  • The Brewery
  • Trailer Park

Weapon Types
There are four different weapon types featured in Loadout:

Rifles comprise of different weapons like Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns. These weapons can perform really well in almost all maps and are highly customizable.

The function of Launchers is pretty straight-forward. These are high damaging explosive shots that are fired in single bursts and need to be reloaded individually.

Just like Rifles, Launchers are highly customizable weapons.

Instead of bullets, fast moving pulse comes out of these weapons. These weapons have various functions and can be used in all game modes. As for reloading, these are reloaded just like Rifles.

Beam should be used to heal allies or to drop down enemies’ health. These weapons do not require any kind of reload mechanism but can overheat at times. Due to this fact, it is recommended that you fire it in small bursts.

Misc. Tips
There are two slots for weapons, and it’s a good idea to keep a short and long ranged weapon at all times. I mean, you can’t use a Sniper Rifle at a point-blank range; unless it’s Call of Duty.

When you see a group of enemies, using Tesla is your best bet but in case of one-on-one fights, Pyro will serve you better because it will keep on damaging the enemy, unless he/she rolls; and during that time, they won’t be able to shoot. And even if you die, you will still have chances of getting a kill from that fire.

Large magazines will take more time to reload and vice versa. A small-sized magazine will at least get you a couple of kills. Choose the magazine carefully! And finally, scopes should be only used when you intend to stay out of fray and assist your team.

If you found something missing or confusing, let us know in the comments below!