Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Director’s Cut Documentary Released

A new video released by Square Enix takes us behind-the-scenes and shows us the process that went into creating Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Titled as “Inside the Square – The Making of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Director’s Cut”, the video actually combines all three previously released developer diaries of the game, with the addition of new gameplay footage and content.

In total this video clocks in around 30 minutes and has every major developer on Square’s team talking about the game.

Last year Square Enix’s gameplay director Yuji Abe confirmed the game to feature over 50 hours of gameplay time. If we compare this to the predecessors of this game, it roughly equals the run time of Final Fantasy 13 itself but lasts longer than Final Fantasy 13-2 the sequel.

Players will be on the clock and will have only 13 days to pull off the task at hand and save the world from destruction.

“The way the game moves, one period of 24 hours within the game world itself will take play time in the real world around two or three hours of actual, real time,” Abe said then. “Having said that, opening menus, customising your characters, talking to some people or just listening to certain things will cause time to stop. So it isn’t quite as short as you’d think.”

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available in North America on February 11 and in Europe on February 14 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.