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Free-to-Play Ace Combat Infinity PS3 Beta Out Now On Playstation Network

Starting right now, a Beta Test version of Ace Combat Infinity can be downloaded from the Playstation Network. This Playstation 3 exclusive takes the aerial combat franchise to a free-to-play design for the first time.

In the Beta edition, you’ll be able to perform two missions. These can either be done in online co-op or in a campaign. In the latter example, you’ll follow a set story.

For the trial version, you’ll be awarded the highest rank of Second Lieutenant. Aircraft types will reflect your rank.

Ace Combat Infinity will be in Beta from February 4 to February 11, 2014. For the purpose of testing, all premium content in the game is currently free.

You’ll need about 2Gb of space on your PS3 to download the game.

This isn’t the first major franchise that publisher Namco Bandai has turned into a free-to-play game. Prior to this, Ridge Racer Driftopia transformed an earlier Unbounded iteration into a sham of paying in pieces for the same content.

Moreover, Namco Bandai is putting strong faith in the free-to-play transformations of its stable. Games like SoulCalibur and Tekken also have free versions either planned or released.

Hopefully, Ace Combat Infinity has learned a lot from Driftopia, which has drastically rolled back its paying model since its inception. We’d hate for two franchises to go down in flames.