EverQuest Next Landmark To Get a New Server Today, EU Server to Follow

You might have had a hard time getting into one of the EverQuest Next Landmark servers since they are usually over crowded. Great news for the folks who are tired of waiting in queues to play EQN Landmark; a new server is going to be added to the game sometime today.

President, Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley announced the news through his Twitter account only a couple of hours after the decision was made at a hardware meeting of the company.

My estimate says, it will go live in the next couple of hours.

That is not the end of it though; Smedley has been pretty active on Twitter. In another tweet, he announced plans relating to the launch of an EU server for EverQuest Next Landmark. This will take a little longer as no launch dates were disclosed.

There is one thing though; the tweet reads ‘servers’ which means there would be more than one.

Lastly, when he was asked whether it will be possible for the players to switch between the EU and US servers freely and at will, he said yes. So that is good news as well, you won’t have to part with your mates if you are in the US with friends in EU and US (or vice versa).

The alpha version of EverQuest Next Landmark world building tool is currently on its way though no release date has been announced for the game.