Dark Souls 2 Devs Disscuss PvP and Voice Chat – Is It Worthy Enough?

There is no question about the success of the Dark Souls series, and the next installment in the series Dark Souls 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games coming this spring, but there are a few things that might worry you going in the next game.

Among the bigger problems, one is the fact that you can no longer prevent player invasion by going Hollow, which now obligates all the players to compete in PvP while they are connected.

Then they are also introducing voice chat, which seems rather odd considering first  game’s delicate, cryptic vocabulary of emotes and messages. Namco’s Takeshi Miyazoe discussed these additions, he said:

We wanted to – I guess not necessarily enhance the PvP alone, we want to encourage or enhance the covenant system.

What that means is, we wanted to get players to really take on their role within the world, and we wanted the covenants to help them to do that. By enhancing the covenants that sort of naturally led to more PvP, summoning, and the online aspects of the game.

He continued by saying that he always wanted to implement a dedicated game server for Dark Souls 2, so that matching is more frequent. He wants the players to explore the large and scary universe of the game.

He wants the players to think the invasions as part of their solo experience, instead of fighting an AI controlled enemy; you will be fighting an enemy which is controlled by another player.

The voice chat feature is being looked at right now, he want to see how the players react in different situations of the game. He said:

I think, me personally, that a lot of the more hardcore players will turn it off. I think people will turn it off because it is that loose connection of not really knowing what kind of player the opponent or ally is – that’s kind of the magic of the game.

So the DLC is dependent on fan feedback and now the voice chat feature is also depending on the player’s response, I think developers of the game are really looking forward to hear what fans think about the game this time around.

So do you want to voice chat with someone in Dark Souls 2? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Total Xbox