A World of Keflings Confirmed for Wii U Release Soon

Developer Ninjabee has stated today that A World of Keflings is due for release by the end of March.

The follow-up to A Kingdom for Keflings was originally scheduled for release last year but was then delayed. It will now release for the Wii U in the next two months, provided everything goes smoothly and that there are no more hiccups.

Ninjabee is currently working on new projects, and is not just stuck with an older title from last year.

At about the same time A World of Keflings becomes available on the Wii U, our fast-paced acorn chaser, Nutjitsu, will be released on a new platform. To give you a hint, it will be our first time releasing on the target device. We are so close to being able to tell you which one. We will announce it to everyone as soon as the ink dries on those contracts.

Last week the studio posted several images from four concepts that are currently in the pipeline. “Some of them are more developed than others,” says Ninjabee’s Michael Purser. “Not all of them will become finished products, at least not in any recognizable form. But they all represent the beginnings of something wonderful: the genesis of NinjaBee’s next game.”

All of them look really interesting, with three of them being action-oriented titles. One shows a red demon brandishing a sword while another a band of modern-looking adventurers taking on a colossus-like monster.