Valve Introduces Steam Music Player, Coming To Beta Soon

Valve is slowly but surely rounding out its full operating system support with the announcement of Steam Music, going into Beta soon. It’s currently planned for Big Picture and SteamOS interfaces, but should eventually come over to desktop as well.

Steam Music works like any other popular tool, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. With it, you can listen to the music folders you’ve selected.

It comes with a range of directories as well as a small music player displaying a way to cut to the next or previous song, repeat or shuffle content.

Hereby, Valve wants gamers to listen to their collection while playing games. In-game, you’ll be able to gain access to the music player through your Steam overlay.

Participants need to join the Steam Music community group to be eligible for selection. There will be invitations going out in waves, until the feature is released to everyone.

Additional development will be based on the feedback from the Beta period.

Given the current evolution of Valve’s stake in the operating system market, it’s not unlikely that there may be a video player added at some point as well or a video streaming service. It already has something set up for Indie Game: The Movie, with downloadable content, so it may have a stepping stone for that already.

Would you consider rocking Steam Music? Let us know in the comments.