Titanfall Releases with Three Mech Types, Respawn Fearful of Feedback

It is true that Respawn Entertainment has kept a leash on the information that we get in case of their upcoming first-person shooter, but one thing did get confirmed recently. A total of three Titanfall mech classes will be released with the game come March 2014.

The available mech classes will be Atlas, Ogre and Stryder. Community Manager of Respawn, Abbie Heppe has been discussing the game on his Twitter where he replied to a fan that was unhappy that there is a lot that we don’t know about the game, mentioning maps, game modes and the number of Titans.

On the other hand, Vince Zampella the co-founder of Respawn is surprisingly fearful of the launch at the same time when he says he is excited.

This is justified to some extent; the game has already had such hype that it will be a total disaster for the publisher as well as the developer if it isn’t able to deliver what everyone is expecting. We have seen next-gen games met with launch issues since November, they certainly don’t want Titanfall to be counted among those.

Lastly, in response to another tweet, Zampella assured that fans will be allowed to upload content to YouTube once the Beta is live. Previously, the Alpha users were not allowed to upload content.

How excited are you about Titanfall? The game releases on March 11 in North America while EU and Australia will get it on March 13 with UK and New Zealand the following day.