Super Bowl 2014 Trailer Suggests Transformers: Age of Extinction is a Hit

Last night’s Super Bowl 2014 brought forward the first look at the sequel to Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and Directed by Michael Bay, Transformers: Age of Extinction will be the first film to feature Dinobots.

Including Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and Sophia Myles, it is a star studded cast that Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction comes loaded with. As you go through the trailer you will see clips right out of your dream world.

Meet Optimus Prime riding Grimlock, a Robo T-Rex in the name of Dinobot and Bumblebee, Hound, Stinger and others.

The best part of the 30 second long clip is when you see Grimlock blasting through what looks like a wall with Optimus Prime on it – bareback. The video might have been very short, but it surely evidences that the movie is going to be a hit.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is set for June 27, 2014 but the Super Bowl 2014 trailer has made me wish it comes sooner.