Super Bowl 2014 Kicked Off by Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer in Style

Seattle Seahawks might have crushed all the hopes that Broncos’ fans had but the Super Bowl 2014 had much more to offer than just the NFL match.

The event was filled with multimillion dollar advertisements that kicked off with Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer. That was followed by dozens of other trailers but the two and a half minute peek at the upcoming superhero flick featuring Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans was the first one aired.

As you can see from the trailer above, it features a handful of new stuff including yet another hairdo of Black Widow, the robotic arm of Winter Soldier, the swooping Falcon and a fight sequence of Cap.

It’s been two years since The Avengers and Steve’s contemporary society life is about to get back to what it used to be; a fight between good and bad. He, together with Black Widow and the Falcon are met with a potent antagonist: Winter Soldier.

“Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists; but the ones that do, call him the winter soldier” says the trailer “he is a ghost, you will never find him.”

This time around, Captain America is going to need help taking him down. I mean the guy can blast up vehicles like its nothing, and catch his shield like it’s a Frisbee; why would it be easy.

From what I can see, the Super Bowl 2014 is done but the Marvel superheroes have a lot in store for us come April 4, 2014.