Satoru Iwata is Very Optimistic about 3rd Party Support on 3DS

Last year might have been harsh on Nintendo, but the company president Satoru Iwata is very hopeful for the future of their handheld as well as home console.

At the Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing of the company he has highlighted factors that show a brighter ray of hope for them.

While talking about 3DS and its future concerning third party developers and publishers, he stated that last year’s sales figures have made developers in the west re-evaluate their priorities.

The total global sales of 3DS have already exceeded 40 million units. As far as the last year is concerned he said:

The fact that Nintendo 3DS has now sold over 10 million units in both the U.S. and Europe seems to be news for third-party publishers, and we have recently been receiving more proposals from third-party publishers.

Iwata believes that many software publishers from the west are specialized in developing games for high-end home consoles and therefore “it appears that they are currently investigating what they want to develop on our platform.”

He wasn’t so sure about Wii U though. Although third party publishers who were good at content made for children, and families were still “active supporters of Wii U,” developers of other genres of games are not so supportive of the console, he said.

As far as their approach in the future is concerned, Nintendo is going to try to churn out content on Wii U that will help them create a strong foundation in the areas that Nintendo excels at.

The aim will be to turn the publishers’ interest towards Wii U by generating sufficient sales volume. Does that mean the future of Wii U will have more children focused games?

Source: Nintendo