Retro Rush PSN Promotion Sees Hyper Crazy Climber Delay Due To Legal Hurdles

Publisher MonkeyPaw Games has run into interference in its planned Retro Rush promotion, where it vowed to release an old localization on Playstation Network (PSN) every week for six weeks.

Due to legal matters, their fourth week of release that features the elusive title Hyper Crazy Climber will not be available.

Instead, the arcade game is delayed to a later date, still in the first quarter of 2014. An exact reason was stipulated as “last minute legal hurdles.” In additional, Ryan Olsen of MonkeyPaw Games mentioned:

We did everything we could to sort out the matter as quickly as possible, but we weren’t able to get the problem solved in time for the February 4 release day.

Continuing on the matter, Ryan stated:

It’s never easy to decide on holding back a release, however, it was a precaution we needed to take.

With licenses, it can be pretty important that all dates of agreements match before launching. Since these games were unavailable to regions outside of Japan prior to the event, it can be tricky to get things sorted.

It’s a shame, because the simple gameplay of Hyper Crazy Climber looks like it could be fun to pick up and play. In this game, the only goal is to climb up a set of stairs and avoid obstacles and enemies in doing so.

Other games in the Retro Rush promotion are fully unaffected by this delay, including the long-awaited release of the Tomba sequel. Next week, Wolf Fang will launch on PSN.