Noah Trailer at Super Bowl 2014 Sets a Bigger Stage for the Biblical Story

Yes we know that Seahawks’ win over the Broncos at Super Bowl 2014 is the bigger story here but guess what, the advertisements between the game’s breaks have become equally as invested as the game itself. You see big names promoting their movies like never before. Take the example of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah that got a mere 35 second trailer yet it was riveting.

Noah is a close adaptation of the biblical story of the Prophet Noah and his mission of saving God’s creation at the same time when humanity gets punished for its sins. The divine mission is to build a humongous ark that will save the creation from an eminent flood that will engulf the whole world.

You see Russell Crowe in a hefty beard – man he doesn’t stop impressing us – building the ark and then loading it with animals of all sorts and telling his people that “the storm cannot be stopped, it cannot be survived.”

The biblical narration of the story as epic as the Super Bowl 2014 itself and although many of us might be cynical about the depiction not being accurate to bible, I am still expecting the movie itself to be a treat full of thrill.

Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, will hit the theaters on March 28, 2014.