Two New Destiny Screenshots Released

Following their phenomenal work with the Halo franchise, Bungie’s next game, Destiny, is being eagerly awaited by every console owner. Today, the developer released two new beautiful screenshots that let us take another glimpse into their upcoming shooter.

Anyone who is familiar with Bungie’s art style from the Halo series can relate it here in both of the screenshots. Bungie has previously released more media as well. On the chance that you’ve missed out on those, all of those pretty shots can be browsed through here.

Destiny is an upcoming role playing first person shooter video game and is set in the mythic science fiction open world setting. The beta of the game will be first released for the users of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Live gameplay of the game was first shown at Sony’s E3 2013 conference.


The game will include massively multiplayer online (MMO) elements, but developers have avoided defining Destiny as a traditional MMO game. Instead, the game has been referred to as a “shared-world shooter, as it lacks many of the characteristics of a traditional MMO game.

One example of that would be, rather than players being able to see and interact with all other players in the game or on a particular server as is the case in many conventional MMO games, Destiny will include on-the-fly matchmaking that will allow players to see and interact only with other players with whom they are “matched” by the game.

Destiny is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 9.