Was it a Need for Speed Trailer at Super Bowl 2014 or a Fast and Furious Spin Off?

Don’t blame me if you don’t agree but the trailer does come more in line with the Paul Walker famed series than the movie adaptation of EA’s Need for Speed. The Super Bowl 2014 brought forward a chunk of the flick that features Aaron Paul in his first post Breaking Bad role.

Agreeably, the movie has a lot of juice in it; with names like Dreamworks and Disney, a plot like EA’s Need for Speed racing game series and a star cast, including Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper. However, it sways away from the game series itself, or so it seems.

For one, there are many things that the game focuses on but none of them include guns and action sequences where the characters go on a bare handed fight.

Now I am not saying the trailer put me off, the mere fact that Aaron Paul is going to retain his thuggish accent will make it worth a watch having adored the guy in his Breaking Bad role.

There will be cars, and a lot of them; from muscle to super cars and an adrenaline rush that the 30-second trailer at Super Bowl 2014 conveyed very well.

For the rest, we will either have to wait for another trailer or March 14, 2014 when Need for Speed the movie releases.