Murdered: Soul Suspect Officially Comes To Next Gen With Xbox One Version

Microsoft has announced that they’ve secured a version of Murdered: Soul Suspect for Xbox One. Normally, a Playstation 4 version should follow as well, but that is just a rumor right now.

In the reveal diary for the Xbox One version, we take a look at some new gameplay bits. This game from Square Enix and the developers behind Dark Void have you play as a detective from Salem who gets assassinated.

Moreover, the game only starts after your own murder. As a ghost, the detective will need to piece back together clues to find his own murderer.

One of the main abilities in the game that deal with this supernatural phenomenon is possessing others to manipulate them. In the clip, for instance, we can see the detective accessing blocked memories from within a witness.

In your playthrough, you’ll also come across some ghosts that aren’t so friendly. There are also references to occult events and so on.

Other encounters will see you solve smaller objectives for nearby lingering ghosts. Finding what purpose these spirits are given can help them move on.

Murdered: Soul Suspect has all your favorite tropes from spooky tales, but in a classic whodunit. It’s one of the only original titles that Square Enix will produce this year.

Prior to this reveal, Murdered: Soul Suspect was pegged as one of the last big games to release for the last generation of consoles. It’s now officially headed for a second quarter of 2014 release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Xbox One.