Kadokawa Tells How Natural Doctrine Plays Out, Details Maps and Missions

Being developed as a hardcore strategy role-playing game, Natural Doctrine is bound to be a tough title. For starters, even if a single character dies, the game is over.

Developer Kadokawa Games hence decided to share some screenshots (below) and more information about the game so as not to scare anyone away.

As far as the maps are concerned, the world maps’ screen will let you keep a track of where you are as well as information about each stage.

Out of the two mission types; the Story Missions will lead the game’s plot while the Free Missions will focus more on character progression and leveling up.

The game will not allow you play infinite number of Free Missions consecutively and even then as you go further into the layers, you will be met with enemies that are harder to crack.

When you pick up a mission, the start of each stage will show “victory requirements” i.e. evacuate a certain area or kill a certain enemy. There on, you will have to decide your battle formations and hence the action plan.

A system of Link Turns will let your characters perform multiple consecutive attacks, but beware this comes at a price. If you fail, your enemy will launch similar consecutive attacks on you.

When you are in the same area, an icon on the bottom of the screen will indicate that using the Link Turn system will be more appropriate now.

Moreover, if you decide to launch a Link Turn attack that is too lengthy, it will render your character at loss of further attacks for several turns, which means your enemy will be able to strike and put you down.

Lastly, even if one of your allies is defeated in the game it will be gameover for you – so be sure you and your allies are team players.

Enough of the hardships now, on the upside, you will be able to set the difficulty levels at the start of the game as well as anytime before starting a new mission.

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita will get Natural Doctrine on March 19, 2014 in Japan, and I am assuming that the hardcore gamers among you will be eyeing it for sure.