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iPhone 6 Rumors: Larger Screen, Refocusable Lightfield Camera, Thinner Frame and 20nm Processor

It’s that time of the year again when we round up the most viral of rumors regarding the new iPhone from Apple, and remind faithful followers to start saving up for the new year’s upgrade.

Last year, despite against all the usual negative perception, Apple rampaged through the market with their latest iPhone 5 models. That was followed by the release of the iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, and of course the new iOS 7.

While Apple didn’t mention anything about an iPhone 6 or what their plans are right now for a newer iteration, tracing Apple’s steps back helps us in understanding what the company ‘could’ be having in store for us this year.

Many believe Apple to release two versions of iPhone 6, similar to what they did with the 5.

Regardless of whether they do or not, one thing stands out and is their plan to release a larger 5.5-inch screen to satisfy the specific circles who until now are always looking towards rival Samsung’s Galaxy phones. This is according to the research firm Display Search, which also predicts Apple to announce their iWatch that will boast a screen size of 1.6 inches.

If the iPad Air is any indication, the iPhone 6 will feature a much lighter and thinner frame. According to MacRumors, Apple has been testing new alloys from LiquidMetal Technologies, and will probably bypass its usual aluminum material that it uses in its iPhones right now.

Additionally, last year saw to plenty of patents being filed for the use of Liquidmetal alloys and while the patents are not assigned to Apple, MacRumors notes that “the inventors listed on the patents are Apple employees who have routinely been associated with the company’s work on Liquidmetal alloys in the past.”

As for processor, Expert Reviews notes that the new iPhone will use a “20nm processor manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)”

The new camera looks to be the most talked about hardware in the phone. According to 9to5Mac, which points towards a patent that grants Apple the rights to the usage of a lightfield camera, Apple may very well go in a different direction this time and have their new phone boast a refocusable lightfield camera.

The technology works by capturing light fields, rather than a single 2D capture of the moment, and allows users to refocus their shots after capturing them.

Judging from Apple’s usual schedule, the iPhone 6 should release in September 2014. However, this time around Apple’s new product may release earlier with various sources reporting an early release by around April or May.