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GTA V: Next DLC to Feature 15 Assassination Missions, Melee Weapons and Special Ability – Rumor

A data miner has unearthed code from GTA V that suggests the game’s next DLC to be an expansion to the single-player mode.

According to the post made by user ‘funmw2’ on the GTA Forums, the expansion pack will feature a couple of new weapons, a new special ability and assassination missions. Rockstar has yet to officially confirm this new finding so treat it as a rumor for now.

Of the new weapons mentioned, players might be getting further melee options with a shovel and wrench. As for the new special ability, details are sketchy at best.

The unearthed code only points towards a new ability, similar to Franklin’s slo-mo driving, Michael’s bullet-time and Trevor’s beast mode. Some speculate that the expansion will feature a new character entirely.

However, the most interesting bit of the rumored expansion pack is the inclusion of around 15 assassination missions. This is surprising because GTA V already features a ton of such missions and unless Rockstar comes up with a fresh new taste, this pack is going to be generic at best.

The user ‘funmw2’ is the same one who initially leaked the Creator Tools, which later wound up in GTA Online. Hence, it’s safe to say that his leaks have credibility.