European Nintendo eShop Update Discounts Rising Star Games For A Month

This week’s additions to the European Nintendo eShop has just a few digital downloads. Its best offering, however, comes from the continuation in discounted titles.

For handheld owners, you have a choice between a free demo for Animal Hospital or the release of Hidden Expedition Titanic for €7.99. That’s either toying around with a pet simulator or a hidden object game; perfect for casual gamers.

On Wii U, My Farm brings even more simple simulation for a price of €7.99. Alternatively, the Virtual Console puts up NES Open Tournament Golf for €4.99.

Much more interesting than that, publisher Rising Star Games will launch a big sale on its titles this week, cutting the price in half of a selection of games. We’ll put them in a list below, along with their discounted price:

  • BIT.TRIP SAGA – €9.99
  • Girl’s Fashion Shoot – €14.99
  • Virtue’s Last Reward – €12.49
  • Shifting World – €9.99
  • Super Black Bass 3D – €9.99
  • Hakuouki: Memories of Shinsengumi – €16.99
  • Beyblade Evolution – €14.99

All these games will receive this price cut, starting at the eShop’s update on Thursday, February 6. It will last for a full month, until March 6, 2014.

Additionally, Urban Trial Freestyle will go from €6.99 to €3.49 as well. This, however, is only valid until February 13, 2014.

Last week, the European Nintendo eShop already put up another promotion with the Super Indie Connection Sale.