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The Elder Scrolls Online: Comparison of Imperial vs Standard Editions

Earlier this month ZeniMax Online Studios announced The Elder SCrolls Online Imperial Edition, and just yesterday the developer treated us with an

" target="_blank">unboxing video that highlighted much of its goodies.

If you are still confused or unsure about the bundles, we are here to help you out by comparing the Digital Imperial Edition against the Standard Edition, and what preordering both copies gets you.

The Explorer’s Pack Pre-Order Bonus

The Elder scrolls online

Pre-ordering The Elder Scrolls Online on both the Imperial and Standard Edition will net you the “Explorer Pack” bonus. There are three specific goodies in this pack:

  • Scuttler vanity pet (shown above, a dinosaur/lizard-ish creature)
  • Four bonus treasure maps (picture shows one but you get four)
  • Play as any of the nine races in any Alliance (races are confined to a specific of the three Alliances, getting the Explorer Pack negates that)

Early Access for Pre-Orders of Elder Scrolls Online

Both pre-orders of Standard and Imperial Edition in either PC/Mac versions will get you early access to the game, prior to the 4/4/2014 release date. Big difference is that the Standard and Imperial Edition gets different dates:

  • Imperial Edition: A five (5) day early access bonus – start playing 3/30/2014
  • Standard Edition: A three (3) day early access bonus – start playing 4/1/2014

Digital Content in Imperial Edition

The Elder scrolls online

If you pre-order the physical or digital version of the Elder Scrolls Onlone Imperial Edition, you’ll receive all the digital-content pictured above.  (These digital contents will also be available in the Imperial Edition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4). Here’s exactly what you will be getting:

  • Imperial Race: Play as an Imperial in any alliances. The extra tenth race in ESO is an exclusive to those who’ve purchase the Imperial Edition. While ZeniMax has stressed that the exclusive race has no advantages vs other races, you will of course gain unique bonuses, crafting style, and gear> (You’ll be able to craft/transform any gears into Imperial style)
  • Imperial White Horse: ZeniMax has clarified that this in-game mount will have the same stats as any other horses in ESO, so no advantages here.
  • Rings of Mara: Receive the blessing of Mara, the goddess of Love, who will bless your union with a partner of your choice (aka friend). You’ll gain significant experience buffs when playing together with your partner (or friend).
  • Mudcrab Vanity Pet: Funny enough the Loremaster spend all three seconds describing this vanity pet in the unboxing video, these are the mudcrabs we all love to stomp on in Oblivion and Skyrim. You’ll get one to follow you around.