Visceral’s Battlefield is Police-Themed and Will Release This Year

A new report published by Polygon states that the rumored Battlefield game at Visceral is police-themed and will release this year.

Code-named “Havana”, the new iteration of Battlefield was rumored to be in development right after Battlefield 4 was released last year. Back then it was confirmed that DICE is not working on this one and instead it’s either Visceral or Criterion. Today’s report states that it’s the Dead Space developer based on various evidences collected.

Following the layoffs which EA hit Ghost Games, the staff was reported to have had been offered the choice to join Visceral to work on Battlefield game.

If the rumor is true then Battlefield seems to be branching out from the traditional military theme we have come to see and expect. Havana could refer to the game’s setting or not. In any case, I like the move. The third and fourth installment have run its course and it’ll be a breath of fresh air with something new.

EA has confirmed that they have “entered a consultation period for some positions in our Ghost Games U.K. studio”, but did not offer any comment on the Battlefield 5 rumours.

Visceral was also recently reported to be working on a Star Wars game for the next-gen consoles.

Source: Polygon