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Russian Couple Broadcast Live Sex Session on PlayStation 4

Well, if PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One wasn’t good enough news for the fans of the consoles. This news would certainly help, according to UK’s Daily Mail, a Russian couple managed to broadcast a 20-minute live sex session via the ‘Playroom’ feature on the PlayStation 4.

Not only that, over 1000 people watched the whole video and more than 150 people commented. People who missed the video won’t have the chance to watch it again as the user by the name of ‘g12051992’ was banned from Ustream for violating the site’s terms of service. However, there is no news if any action was taken by PSN or the PlayStation 4 itself.

The report in Daily Mail states:

This week, Playroom for PS4, which does not have a filter for unsuitable content, was used by one couple to broadcast a seedy 20-minute sex session.

The pair, believed to be somewhere in Russia, performed a multitude of sex acts which were viewed by more than 1,000 people – some of whom commented on the on-going action.

One of the people who saw the footage was Tristan Holtby-Smith, 34, a Gregg’s manager of Poole, Dorset. He turned on his PlayStation at about 8am on Monday morning – and the video appeared on the Playroom’s ‘most popular’ section.

Once you have signed into the Playroom, it doesn’t ask users for age verification so you can bet that a lot of underage people also watched the video. PlayStation 4 has sold over 4.2 million units worldwide since its release on November 15 last year.

Source: Daily Mail