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Dark Souls 2 DLC Depends on the Feedback

Dark Souls is known for so many things its dark environments, incredible gameplay, boss fights, extremely hard difficulty and innovative multiplayer, but it is never known for its DLC. Previously, developers of Dark Souls 2 announced that there will be no DLC for the game.

However, Namco appears to be reconsidering its decision not to develop the DLC, producer of the game Takeshi Miyazoe gave an indication in an interview with OXM:

There is definitely potential, I think. Again, it’s all about fan feedback. Right now we are concentrating on completing what we’ve got, but I think there are next steps on how we can expand on Dark Souls 2. So I’m not really ready to say look forward to more information, but I think the potential is definitely there.

This is very exciting news for anyone who enjoys gameplay of Dark Souls and wants additional content to what game already features. However, this is a huge turnaround for the producer because just few weeks back in an interview he said:

For Dark Souls 2, we don’t even expect any additional downloadable content because we want to deliver a full game, the full experience, to fans who purchase the package from day one.”

The game will feature addition content for the game but in terms of DLC Dark Souls 2 developers and currently looking into it. For now finishing the original game would be a humongous task; DLC of the game can be discussed later.

Dark Souls 2 is scheduled to release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 11.