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Square Enix Denies Rumors of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3

There are numerous rumors going around the internet regarding a document of Square Enix, which states the release dates of both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV for later this year. Today Square Enix has called all of these rumors to be incorrect.

In a message to Siliconera, a representative of Square Enix wrote:

We’re aware an internal document has been in circulation listing release dates for select Square Enix titles. This information contained in this document is inaccurate and features placeholder timing. Specifically, no announcement has been made to date for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV–their projected release window remains to be advised.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as there is no solid information available for either of the titles. Only thing we know about Final Fantasy XV is that it is a heavy departure from previous games, providing a darker and more realistic atmosphere that focuses on human emotions and believable characters.

The game features expansive environments and a seamless and customizable battle system, which gives players great freedom regarding their preferred play method.

It looks like we will not get any information regarding the titles before this year’s E3, and both of the titles might not release before 2015.