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Shroud of the Avatar and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Devs Team-up to Share Content

Brad Mcquaid of Visionary Realms and Richard Garriott of Portalarium have announced to collaborate with each other for their two crowd funded MMO projects in shape of Shroud of the Avatar and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Cross-game pledge tiers will reward those people who decide to back both projects with a cloak in both games. The backers of both projects will receive a cloak in Pantheon featuring Lord British’s Coat of Arms (the Shroud of the Avatar symbol) and a cloak in Shroud of the Avatar with the Pantheon symbol.

Chief Creative Officer of Visionary Realms, Inc. Brad McQuaid said:

“The opportunity to work with Portalarium is extremely exciting, not just in terms of what we can do together with our games, but also on a very personal level. Lord British has been a hero of mine since I was a teen, and ultimately was responsible for inspiring me into the video game industry.

Lord British and Portalarium continue to be an inspiration with ‘Shroud of the Avatar.’ It’s a perfect example of how the core elements of games from years past can continue to influence and innovate in today’s industry.”


This statement clearly shows the respect and history each company share with each other, with teaming up together, not only they have a chance to get more backers for their respective titles but they can get a new fan following.

CEO of Portalarium Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriott said:

“There is no doubt that Brad McQuaid led EverQuest to become the standard bearer against which all other MMOs would be compared, and most have been patterned.

Just as I hope, fans are excited about the return of the King of Britannia in Shroud of the Avatar, I have no doubt that Brad McQuaid will lead Pantheon to fulfill and expand the vision he began in the earliest days of the MMO era, and grow it into the future. I for one, look forward to what I will again learn from his leadership in gaming.”

The cross-promotion pledge tiers for both games are being added to the list of available awards starting today and can be picked up at Pantheon’s Kickstarter, and Shroud of the Avatar’s official website website