PlayStation Vita Sales Increased by 163% after PS4’s Launch

Not too long ago people were predicting that there is no way that PlayStation Vita will ever outsell the PlayStation Portable unless something out of the ordinary happens. Among these people was SCE UK MD Fergal Gara who also was unsure about the success of PS Vita.

This out of the ordinary thing for PS Vita might just have happened in the shape of PlayStation 4, which has made a huge impact for the device due to its Remote Play.

In an interview with IGN yesterday, Fergal Gara said:

There was 163% uplift in PS Vita sales post PS4 launch.” Not only that, but “a significant number of PS Vita purchasers in the UK indicated that Remote Play was their reason for purchase, and we are subsequently seeing lots of these new PS Vita users connecting to PS4 with this feature.

PS4 Vita

PlayStation Vita despite being a huge seller mostly due to PlayStation 4 might not have much potential to survive in the market. Though PS Vita does seem a handy device, hardcore gamers nowadays totally focus on high quality AAA titles and there are very few of them available on the device.

We can say maybe it doesn’t have games for all type of gamers but there is still broad variety of the games available for the PS Vita. Fergal Gera himself isn’t very optimistic about the future of PS Vita, he said:

Does it have huge mass-market potential? Probably not. But it does have a place.

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