Xbox One Disk Less Idea “DUMB, DUMB, DUMB” According to Michael Pachter

A lot of rumors surfaced earlier, which indicated that Microsoft might be making a white 1TB Xbox One without any disc drive to release at retail.

Today, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has called this idea “dumb, dumb, dumb” yet, and he also dismissed this news, calling it as a complete rumor.

While speaking in an industry note, Pachter said if even true in the slightest, it would push away not only retailer customers, but consumers as well. He said:

“If this rumor is true, it is one of the dumbest ideas of all time, it would alienate GameStop and other retailers, and it would demonstrate that Microsoft can afford to release a 1TB Xbox One at $399 with essentially the same production cost as the $499 model with a 500GB HDD and a Blu-ray drive.”

He did have a point there; Xbox One despite having good exclusives is lagging behind PS4 because of the stunt they pulled at E3. Consumers nowadays are very global, they observe and notice everything. Pachter explained how it would push off the gamers:

“That would likely cause gamers to believe that the models with a Blu-ray drive are overpriced, or would cause them to believe that Microsoft is greedy. I have three words for this idea—dumb, dumb, dumb.” Pachter said that he has a lot of respect for the people at Microsoft and they are “far from dumb.”

These rumors were posted all over the internet last night, with the latest source giving the release date of October 2014 for this console release.

Do you believe in this rumor? Do you think Microsoft can take back their fans with this Xbox One console? Sound off in the comments section below!