SOE Boss John Smedley Teases New Images of an Unannounced Project

SOE’s Boss John Smedley is popular in the gaming community, because he likes to tease a lot of his projects on Twitter from time to time. He is back again this week and he didn’t disappoint.

John posted two new images on his official Twitter feed recently; these images may be related to the new unannounced project from the studio. Two images shows day and night at a place which appears to be church.

In a later tweet post, he tells the community to “look carefully at the night sky.” Now it’s up to the gaming community, you can make of it whatever you want.

In a Reddit AMA, John Smedley stated that studio is working on an unannounced project and it is dedicated to the fans of Star Wars Galaxies, and he also explained that the game is certainly not based on Star Wars.

The images however, are not making a lot of sense yet, Smedley only confirmed that it wasn’t Landmark or a spaghetti western themed MMOG, as there was a lot of speculation going around these theories.

This could be any game really, no announcement and nothing solid in these pictures to go on, but whatever they are working on, it does pique the interest of the gamers who are long-time fans of the SOE.

So far we can just speculate and hope that this is indeed the game that is in the making for the fans of Star Wars Galaxies. What do think about the images? Let us know in the comments below!