PS2 Classic ‘Legend of Kay’ Released on Playstation Network

While we’re all waiting on their immense portfolio, publisher Nordic Games have released Legend of Kay on Playstation Network. This is the Playstation 2 classic, which is available now for €4.99 in Europe.

Legend of Kay goes back to the colorful platform games made in 3D, the likes of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. It looks like it’s aged rather well with round cartoon visuals and big, open environments.

After a nasty invasion of rats and other creatures swoop upon the land, titular cat warrior Kay goes on a mission to stop the threat.  That means you’ll be able to whack your enemies with flashy combos.

Showing off his dexterity, Kay will also be able to jump between vertical surfaces. Alternatively, gameplay will sporadically be directed by mounted segments.

There are quite a few environments in the game, stretching from simple mountain ranges to more fiery destinations. You’ll encounter several boss fights as well.

Originally, Legend of Kay was a title produced by defunct house JoWood. Nordic Games took over their stable, which also includes names like Painkiller and the Gothic series.

Since then, the publisher also acquired a massive amount of THQ titles, won from its bankruptcy auction. It now has franchises like Darksiders and Red Faction under its banner as well.

No plans are currently set for its larger titles, but Legend of Kay will probably attribute towards collecting funds for bigger releases.