Ouya Now Has a 16GB Model

Ouya now has a 16GB version model of its android-based micro-console, which players can opt for to now download and store more games.

The system is available for purchase from Ouya’s official website and will set you back $130. It comes in an all new matte-black finish and also features better Wi-Fi capabilities. According to the company, its hardware designers have tweaked the console’s reception which will help it stay connected now even if it’s sitting far away from a wireless router.

Finally, the 16GB model comes with a refined controller that also has a matte-black finish that features better analog sticks and face buttons.

The new model does not mean that the original 8GB console will be discontinued and it will be continue to sell.

Ouya was brought into existence thanks to a mighty successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that raised more than $8.5 million. Unfortunately the Android-based system failed to impress much of the larger circles of the community.