Nintendo Meeting On DS For Wii U, Apps, Non-Wearable Devices And Licensing

Since Nintendo has had to report some big losses recently, the company held a conference to detail where it’s taking its business for Wii U, 3DS and other plans. It was fielded by Satoru Iwata, who started off with a solemn apology bow to go with his 50% salary cut.

One of its plans to overcome the current dip is to ensure that the capabilities for the Wii U GamePad are fully employed. For now, the device is mostly just used for its Off-TV function.

A release window for Mario Kart 8 on Wii U has been set on May, 2014.

An important reveal is that Nintendo will start looking towards smart devices for its content. It will create applications to connect its audience to their titles. Games are not forthcoming though.

Its existing Nintendo Network ID may be the start to this connection, creating a virtual hub for users to store all their content. This plan intends to bring both handheld and console closer together and reward loyalty for returning customers.

For third party support, the company will open up some of its character stable to licensing. For instance, Hyrule Warriors sees a returning collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei, who previously also had a hand in Pokémon Conquest.

There was also some esoteric babble about improving the “quality of life” or QOL of its users, as well as a focus on non-wearable devices to monitor it. More details will follow later.

For short term financial strength, Nintendo will start porting DS games to Wii U through their virtual console.

Some of its failures were addressed as well. For instance, Shigeru Miyamoto noted that the technological leap between Wii and Wii U contributed to a lesser start, stipulating that this is not an excuse. Furthermore, having to focus on promoting both 3DS and Wii U platforms reduced the explosive exposure of each.

During the meeting, Nintendo stocks took a hit and dropped several percepts. Iwata dismissed any criticism on their dedication.

Source: Wall Street Journal