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Killer Instinct Will Put Rage Quitters in “JAIL”

All the Killer Instinct players, who get frustrated and quit their game, will be penalized for their rage quitting and will be sent to “jail”.

Next update of Killer Instinct will not only add the new character Spinal but the new jail system will also be introduced to reduce rage quitting.

According to patch notes for the coming update of the game, the first time a player with ten or more matches lets their disconnect percentage goes above 15%, they’ll be sent to “jail”. Players in jail will only be able to compete in matches with other inmates.

When you are jailed, your profile picture will automatically be marked with a jail icon. The minimum sentence of serving is 24 hours but it will keep on increasing by 24 hours on each visit, to a maximum total of five days.

Once you have served your time, no matter the disconnect percentage, you will be set free. Then you will have to be careful about it because the first time you disconnect with a percentage above that limit, you will be sent back into the jail. Matches that result in jail terms are automatically considered losses.

There are a lot more additions coming with the new update, including a greeting from Meld at the start of the game. There will be practice mode reset commands and a leaderboard quick search.

This patch was teased yesterday with details of the new incoming character Spinal, but the date of release has not been set yet.

You can read the full patch notes of Killer Instinct here.