Total War: Rome 2 Gets New Patch 9 Beta Update

Patch 9 of Total War: Rome 2 has been released for those of you opting in to Creative Assembly’s system of delivering beta patches through Steam.

Today, that beta has received a new update with a few more fixes to ongoing issues.

If you are facing problems and want to get hold of the latest beta version of Patch 9, then navigate your way to the Rome 2 entry in your Steam library, give it a right click and select “properties.” Then find the “betas” tab and select the latest patch from the drop-down menu there. It should then update automatically. If you’re already opted-in to the beta, this update will also download automatically.

The main fixes in the latest Patch 9 version are as Follows:

  • Fix for rare crash related to naval boarding/disembarking
  • Missing rock/tree textures on battlefields added.
  • Many more siege battle map improvements (e.g. improving docking point placement on walls, joining small gaps in walls to improve pathfinding, removed obstructions from docking points).
  • Fix for Athenian and Egyptian naval recruitment experience bonus in campaign modes.

If you want to read all of the patch notes, you can read them here.

Are you experiencing any problems? Does this patch improve things for you? Let us know in the comments section below!