Titanfall Launching With 16 Maps – Rumor

Titanfall is rumored to launch with a total of 16 maps, which is an insane number when compared to the launch of other multiplayer shooters in recent times.

The rumor comes from “Crazy Buttocks on a Train,” one who is considered a reliable source on NeoGAF. Posting on the forum today, the user said that Titanfall is going to launch with 16 multiplayer maps. Seeing that the game features no single player, this would had allowed Respawn the time and resource to make that many maps.

Additionally the textures showcased in recent Xbox One videos are said to be from the final version of the game. Previously people assumed it to be from the game’s alpha stage and hence were expecting a bit more polish.

Another reliable user by the name of “nktrn1” posted as well, saying that the first DLC of the game is scheduled for release 45 days after launch; while the second DLC will arrive after 120 days of launch.

Details for neither the multiplayer maps or DLC were mentioned in the post.

Titanfall is going to enter into open beta on Valentine’s day next month and will not require you to have had pre-ordered the game.

Source NeoGAF