Rumor: Halo 5 Delayed to 2015 but Halo 2 Anniversary Coming in November

There is a lot of speculation going on regarding the new Halo game in the series, with Halo 2 anniversary set to release in 2014. Rumor has it that Halo 5 might get delayed to 2015.

Rumors shouldn’t be taken too seriously but this rumor comes straight from NeoGAF and people there are known for verifying their sources. Recent post cites one “ntkrnl”. An exchange on an old thread reads the following:

“A bunch. I’m gonna take it a little easy because I’m sure someone is, or will be pounding their fist into a mahogany desk overlooking the Redmond campus.

“What has me excited right now is the revisiting of Halo. So later this year we’re gonna get Halo 2 Anniversary edition WITH ALL SORTS OF SHIT. On Xbox One. November 11th!”

So many people started to take note of this thread and asked if Halo 5 is being delayed, ntkrnl replied simply, “Yep”.

More exchanges suggested that Crackdown 3 is also in development, the source said:

“You will get Crackdown 3, unlikely announcement at E3 this year, as it is a 2016 release date.”

Obviously a lot of people wanted verification of this rumor, to answer the questions ‘ntkrnl’ said:

“Lol…. its kinda hard to impart any sense of legitimacy when you’re the source and… I did just sign up yesterday.”

“I can tell you that there is a deal with Microsoft and Cloudgine for the project (codenamed Nimbus) that was struck back last year.  There is a bunch of other stuff I can maybe say that would make me look like I’m telling the truth too, but it’s pretty awkward just strolling into a thread and blowing my load, you know?”

These sources may well be true, as no official announcement of Halo 5 has been made yet. This news should not be disappointing enough as there aresome great shooters in development for this year, with two shooters coming from the best studios in gaming industry, Destiny from Bungie and Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment.

Halo 5 is a big fish, delays won’t be surprising.