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Microsoft Wants You To Trade In A PS3 For $100 Towards An Xbox One

Well, the gloves are off between Microsoft and Sony, as the former has launched a promotional event that allows people to trade in their old Playstation 3 for store credit. This deal, only available in North American Microsoft Stores, is pushed towards the purchase of a new Xbox One.

Aside from the Playstation 3, it’s also possible to trade old Xbox 360 consoles. A maximum of $100 can be put towards a new Xbox One, but only if it’s purchased at the same time.

There are some restrictions. Logically, the console has to work properly, contain all includes cables, can’t have any cracks in its housing and can’t be password protected.

If you don’t want an Xbox One deal, the promotion also states that some Xbox Live offers are possible as well.

People ready to trade in can do so until March 2, 2014. Only store credit will be accepted and that only at the selected stores, so not online.

What Microsoft is planning on doing with the PS3’s, except destroying them, isn’t certain. It’s not like they can resell them at the stores.

Still, the $100 credit is carefully constructed to follow the line of Playstation 4 costs. Since an Xbox One has a price of $499 and PS4 sells for $399, there’s an exact gap filled by opting for a trade.