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DayZ Penalizes Quitters With Added Waiting Time In Latest Beta Build

A new experimental Beta branch is available for DayZ. You can find Version: 0.33.114782 of the Early Access PC game if you right click on the game name in your Steam inventory and choose Properties, then Betas.

Full notes can be found in a recent forum post.

Its most important feature is that logging in will work differently. From now on, players who disconnect or change servers quickly will receive a penalty waiting time. This should prevent from any opportunism arising.

For day-to-day survival, eating and drinking is reworked. It should now be “more robust and user-friendly.”

Players who get handcuffed can now be freed with a hacksaw. Keys also no longer disappear when used. On a similar subject, restrained players will no longer be able to use the inventory or action menu.

In the update, items are unavailable to use when in ruined state.

Since the game also has that whole zombie thing going people seem to forget about, their performance have been enhanced as well. Military zombies have additionally been made tougher.

This experimental update is not available to regular servers. You’ll be limited to connections that allow the Beta.

If you want to wait it out, the stable build of DayZ Version: 0.33.114782 is said to arrive by February 7, 2014.