12 Minutes of Dark Souls 2 Gameplay – Watch It

A recent Youtube video by Playstation Access shows off almost 12 minutes of smooth Dark Souls 2 gameplay. Naturally, the upcoming roleplaying game (RPG) from Namco Bandai has the Playstation 3 version running in this footage.

Some of the commentary here directs to the game’s distinctive art style. During brawls, the extensive shadow play in the RPG can be seen cascading around fire-lit dungeons.

Naturally, given the brutal nature of the game, the team spends some time discussing the difficulty curve. Even small enemies can take off huge chunks of health off the meter. With a few basic hits, any run can end prematurely.

Adding to the challenge, Dark Souls 2 also still lays traps everywhere, such as a guard setting up an ambush behind a door.

There is yet more variety in enemy types to be expected from this RPG. During a stroll in a beautifully designed hallway, statues come alive to swarm the player. Elsewhere, a tortoise man shows their imposing presence.

To counter each type, players will need to opt for weapons accordingly. Heavy hitting swords look impressive, but their slow animation is best suited for equally sluggish foes.

Dexterity is a huge factor in the game, so the backstab feature is highlighted a few times as well. With a precise strike, it’s possible to take down smaller units completely.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for another impressive encounter with a Mirror Knight, which dishes out lighting attacks that rip through almost an entire health gauge. Several approaches are shown in the clip to defeat this beast.

Finally, the gameplay video goes over some of the classes available in the game. Aside from the standard knight, there is also a halberd fighter, a sorcerer and a nimble warrior with two swords.

Dark Souls 2 is coming this way in March 2014 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.