Wildstar Shows Extensive Customization In Latest Dev Diary

Upcoming roleplaying title Wildstar has detailed some of its customization options. And “some” is an understatement. In reality, this massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will allow for just about anything to get a plethora of personalized possibilities.

It starts at character customization, which allows for the cosmetics of classes to be modeled and then sculpted in pinpointed areas. One character’s face can be seen inching more and less space on eyes, nose, chin and so forth. That’s standard, but the precise degree in which this is possible is a little more than usual.

For housing, this is extended to not only a vast amount of styles, but also scale. For instance, there are houses with steeples, archways or even a maw for a door. Textures range from wooden to metallic. Aside from complete abodes, there are also open environments like tents or simply yards, which can serve as a domicile.

Naturally, outfits will receive some personal touches with variant colors, patterns and so forth. This is quickly demonstrated in the clip as well.

Going further still, we get to see different mounts, some of them sporting a classy pot of ramen. Even the game’s use of a hoverboard can be amended with a ton of trinkets.  That’s without talking about the huge flying fortress in the sky. It’s pretty extensive.

More importantly, every weapon over level 15 will be open to customization. There are entire trees dedicated to acquiring different results from crafting.

Skill slots have their own tab as well, adding even slight adjustments to what’s used. Similarly, this can be done with statistics, putting points in other traits and reassigning them at will.

Wildstar needs to come out already.