War of the Vikings Custom Loadout Update Needs Huge 13Gb Download

Still in Early Access on Steam, multiplayer title War of the Vikings has added a major update to its game that grants customization. In phase 4 of its development, the PC brawler will allow players to enhance their experience both cosmetically as actively.

Most importantly, a leveling system is now available, which will is the basis of customization. Advancing in rank will allow for the new loadout editor to add more weapons and new perks to help personalize any class.

In the vanity section, you can now finally dress up your Viking or not-so-Viking warrior with custom helmets, cloaks and so on. Of course, you’ll want to get a beard too.

A new renown system has players rack up a coin multiplier. Each point in renown is worth 10% more coin gain.

Customization is presented in a short yet brutal trailer that shows some of the heavier parts of the multiplayer game’s brawling system. Heads fly as different tiers equip more exotic items.

There’s also a sizable ranged system though, in case you’re wondering. You can shoot arrows in first person even, if you’re dedicated to that genre. Personally, we’re more a fan of lobbing axes through someone’s skull.

This is the last feature that developer Fatshark will add to the game, prior to launch. If you’re a returning player in War of the Vikings, you’ll see that the development roadmap has been removed.

Other patches will still fix some issues in the game, but nothing more is coming until launch. After its release, however, you can still look forward to plenty of weapon and customization additions.

war of the vikinigs

One more important note: This update adds a ton of content, so you’ll need to patch your version with 13Gb of space. Yes, over 10Gb updates seem to be on the rise, so we hope your internet connection is extensive enough to handle it.

There’s no release date for War of the Vikings on PC, but it shouldn’t be too long now.