Star Wars: Assault Team is Now Available in Selected Regions

Yesterday, Disney announced a new turn-based combat game called Star Wars: Assault Team for mobile devices running on iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

The game involves collecting cards from the world of Star Wars and using them to defeat your opponents. During the course of battle, expect to re-visit locations from the trilogy.

The announcement came directly from Disney Interactive’s Tumblr and reads:

“Disney Interactive, in partnership with LucasArts, has announced limited early access to Star Wars: Assault Team, a new turn-based combat game for mobile devices with strategy and card-battle elements.

Collect classic characters from the Rebel Alliance and more to defeat enemies and players across the galaxy. Strategically deploy the team’s special tactics to battle through new graphically enhanced missions set throughout Star Wars planets and locations from the original trilogy.”

The screenshot posted above showcases a princess, Jedi, and a few rogues.

According to the announcement, the game is currently available for download on selected devices in ‘select international markets’. The game will release globally in spring this year for the aforementioned devices.

Nothing else is known about the game. Did you get a chance to get your hand on it? If so, what are your impressions so far? Let us know in the comments below!