Nordic Retailer Taking GTA V PC Pre-Orders This Friday

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to release for the PC this year, with many speculating the game to arrive on Windows around May. While developer Rockstar has pressed its mute button on the said platform, many a rumors have been surfacing that point towards a mid 2014 release.

According to Gamereactor, Nordic retailer Elgiganten is going to start taking pre-orders for the PC version of GTA V this weekend. The news was confirmed to the site through a manager of one of Elgiganten’s outlets.

A pretty bold statement to say the least, considering that we’ve yet to hear about any official news regarding it. Still, asking Swedish games to reserve their copy of the PC version of GTA V is another good indicator that the title is coming soon.

There’s also a slim chance of Rockstar making that much awaited announcement this weekend, and hence opening up pre-orders alongside.

Grand Theft Auto V was released last year and managed to break a lot of Guinness Records along its way to mark $1 billion in sales in just the first three days.

Source Gamereactor